Pooja Shrivastava, Ph.D.

Executive Coach/Personal and Professional Coach

Hi, I am Pooja, an executive and a personal coach who finds joy and fulfillment in helping and solving organizational and personal challenges to achieve excellence.
I am an Associate Professor at the University of Oklahoma specializing in organizational behavioral psychology. My passion lies in assisting organizations seeking to enhance the quality of their work environment. In response to the rapidly evolving global landscape, I provide customized coaching services that aid organizations in improving their culture. I have worked extensively with diverse groups of leaders, collaborating to develop strategies that enhance their overall performance.

My mission is to assist individuals and teams in achieving positive and lasting behavioral changes. However, sometimes it can be challenging to make the desired changes, and that is where I come in. As an adult educator and coach, I specialize in improving productivity and helping people overcome adverse environments that can steer them off track. People must achieve the seemingly impossible and succeed; that is where my coaching comes in. For more than two decades, I have helped executives through education and coaching, and my methods have led to measurable results and breaking down barriers. In addition, I have been volunteering for organizations worldwide, each dedicated to a particular cause or group of people, like– International Association for Human Values, UNICEF, and YWCA.


My coaching style is focused on providing practical and actionable advice that leads to sustainable results. I believe it’s about achieving short-term goals and developing habits and skills to lead to long-term success. Therefore, my coaching methods are tailored to each individual, and I work closely with executives to identify their unique challenges and goals. From there, I provide targeted and practical advice that helps them achieve their objectives and overcome obstacles. I aim to help clients develop a growth mindset, build confidence, and achieve sustainable success.


Diverse opinions and competition can significantly impact success, and that is where coaching can be incredibly beneficial. In today’s fast-paced and complex world, it is crucial to have a range of perspectives and ideas to draw upon, but managing those different viewpoints can be challenging. As a coach, I help executives navigate these challenges by providing a neutral and objective perspective. Online or In-person, I help executives understand how competition can be both a motivator and a barrier to success. I work with them to develop strategies for managing competition and harnessing it to drive success. Finally, by providing a safe and supportive environment for executives to explore these issues, I help them develop the skills and confidence they need to succeed in today’s competitive landscape.

Professional Credentials

Licenses & Certifications

  • Marshall Goldsmith Certified Executive Coach
  • Faculty, College of Professional and Continuing Studies, University of Oklahoma
  • Ph.D. Department of Business Studies, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi
  • MBA, Healthcare Administration & Human Capital Management
  • LinkedIn Contributor

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