Unconscious Bias Program​

Biases and pattern when empower with tools for efficient decision making enables a leader for higher success rate. What is unconscious bias? How to deal with it? How does it look like when it shows up? Corporations need to address unconscious bias, or it will delude any steps you undertake. The scientists in the Harvard University and Yale University explored in its 2018 report, “Delivering through diversity,” McKinsey & Company draws a direct correlation between gender and ethnic diversity and profitability, confirming a continuation of some of the trends reported a full decade earlier in Catalyst’s study, “The Bottom Line: Corporate Performance and Women’s Representation on Boards.” Like the bias for gender there could be other biases blurring your vision and performance at work.


There is high probability of biases which may exists due to variety in workforce including; men, women, LGBTQ, four generations working together, race, color, disabilities, introvert and extrovert, thinking styles etc.


How to initiate and lead challenges in multi-cultural world where people are hyper connected. It’s about change management and building upon hands on competency to be a global workforce. And we provide you with sustainable solutions.
Each program Human links consulting delivers is completely customized solution to meet the client’s needs and we work sincerely and determined to get measurable, bottom line results.

Why Attend?

It is important to understand your unconscious biases – yes, we all have them! We can address the reasons behind them and make conscientious behavioral changes. How are your biases making an impact on your decision-making? Where are the blind spots which you couldn’t see before are surfaced to the level of awareness with the tools and techniques we provided during the program. How to address biases in the workplace?

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