Six Power Affirmations in Crisis

A person sitting on a cliff
“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.”—Albert

With all the information about the pandemic COVID-19 circulating the globe, we need to pause to express gratitude for all that we have. Here come six power affirmations that might have crossed your mind at some point of time in past days!

We have enough.

We have been taking for granted our gifts: nature, housing, electricity, internet, water, air, food.  All these resources support us.  We need to stop and ask ourselves what we are thankful for (?) and express our thankfulness instead of taking our lives for granted.

We can slow down.

The world is competitive and based on the survival of the fittest, but we need to slow down just as the world around us is slowing down with the virus.  We have the opportunity to go deeper into ourselves, to sit and contemplate the crisis of the moment and to ask ourselves, “What do we need in life?  Where are we heading?”

We can become more mindful.

We can become our best with the help of meditation.  We can learn to redirect our energies and ourselves to benefit society. The right time to ask ourselves – How can we contribute more? Instead of not contributing anything to our society, we can at least contribute something positive for 30 mins a day.

We can become more compassionate and caring.

We can direct our hearts and minds to the positive and uplifting in our environment. We can plan how to make a difference when the pandemic is over.  We can more frequently respond to the needs of others. We need to ask this often, “How can I help you?”

We can connect better with our friends and families.

Social distancing helps us to recognize how valuable our families and friends are.  We can recognize how we can help our friends and families instead of expecting them to fulfill our needs.  This pandemic can help us to evaluate ourselves, our own haste and social blindness. Questions to ponder could be —“What can haste get me? And, how social I am?”

We are alive.

There is still time to make the best use of time and to slow down, decide and share the positivity we can bring to this planet. Don’t give up hope. There are people who will send help and care from unexpected places. It’s time to ask—“What do we mean by living, is it just surviving or having a higher purpose?”

I hope the affirmations will take you across questions!